We welcome you to the experiment section and know that you will find fun things to do whether you

    • just want to learn, or
    • are trying to complete your science fair project
    • are looking for a science fair project idea, or
    • are trying to spice up a homeschool curriculum.


The experiments that follow are designed to help those carrying them out to learn by doing something, understand science and develop curiosity beyond your 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade science fair project or help with ideas that are fun and do-able in an afternoon or evening. These experiments are quick because they use things you have on hand in your kitchen.  They are memorable because the chemistry of cooking is part of out everyday lives.


All of the science experiments have been organized in the same format to help you understand each experiment.  The first section presents the Method which you will carryout each science project.  This section is marked with thesymbol.


The second section helps you understand the science in simple everyday language.  This section is marked with the symbol.


The third section gives you prompts to help you analyze your results and encourages you to try the experiments. This section is marked with the symbol.


We hope that you will find simple science fair project ideas that you can develop into your own project and make fit your grade level.