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By studying the chemistry of cooking you are embarking on your own design of a homeschool science curriculum, whether you homeschool or not.  While these experiments could be used by anyone, they have been geared to complement the basic understanding found in the third through sixth grade science curriculum, especially homeschool.

 A natural outcome of a homeschool education is educational self-sufficiency. This is a laudable goal for all seeking to learn. The chemistry of cooking can set your student on this path of discovery.

 Top ten reasons to experiment in the kitchen:

 1.  Kids learn better, faster, when trying to make something rather than reading about it

2.  Public schools, and even private schools, lack the time to allow exploration of creative questioning, even the homeschool science curriculum often lack sufficient experimentation that leads to true learning       
3.  Use to supplement the homeschool science curriculum

4.  Used AS your homeschool science curriculum. (The joy of discovery is worth more than anything might be “missed” in a pre-planned, scripted curriculum.)
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5.  Any science curriculum, even homeschool, can be dry. Without supplementation of some kind, kids will tune out, turn away and forget it.  Guaranteed!

6.  Cheap!!! compared to buying a new homeschool science curriculum

7.  No waiting to get new supplies since most of the stuff is already in your cupboard.  The longer the time between the expression of willingness to do something educational and its completion the less likely it will happen.

8.  The experiments won’t take over your dining room table for weeks at a time like a lot of homeschool science curriculum experiments.

9.  Allows you the freedom to use any homeschool science curriculum

10. Allows you to take a break when your current homeschool science curriculum gets dull or boring without loosing that educational time