About Us


I am a homeschooling mother of 5 kids and a reformed former lawyer who believes strongly that you remember best what you have learned through discovery.  Discovery learning is a valuable tool that can be used by all people no matter their location in life. All that you need to avail yourself of this tool is a question, such as, “Why do the egg whites turn from clear to white when they are cooked?” The doing is the learning; the discovery of why cements the lesson. 

Taking this belief in discovery learning, and combining it with experiences with my own kids, I wanted a kid-friendly site with simple, yet accurate, explanations of what happens when…  When I looked at sites they tended to be geared to more experienced and more mature audiences than your average third grader. I want to encourage a degree of independence, as well as discovery, in their learning, so I wanted a site that could address questions on their level.  I was discouraged to find some sites that were ok but lacking in variety.

My husband, a renowned chemical physicist, has always wanted to write a book for the kids about the chemistry of cooking.  But lacking the time to get it down on paper, I thought I could help him along by putting it in a format that would encourage the discovery learning process: hence the name HowWhyTry.  It’s all about the DO here.  There are two kinds of people thinkers and do-ers.  Do-ers succeed.

We encourage our kids to get out and do things: discover the newt under the rock or the cool spider in the grass, or the ice crystals forming on the window panes. Discovery learning is easy because we live on a farm in rural West Virginia. We grow most of our own meat, dairy and produce. By making most of what we eat with what we grow on the farm, we all have ample opportunities to ask questions in the kitchen.  This leads all of us to use discovery learning to grow and better ourselves.

It is the hope that through this website many more people (not just kids) will discover the joy of learning by asking how or why.  That it will look easy enough to make it worth the try.  I know that you will have questions that I have not even thought of (what an awesome thing!). I hope that you will have adopted the discovery learning style to find your answers.  If one person is helped by this site I will feel that it was all worthwhile.  Discovery learning is a lifelong pursuit.  Discovery learning is what makes life fun!